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Top notch stock music, for free

About Us

Our philosophy

At Joystock, we believe that everyone should be able to use world class music in their videos for free. We want to help creators, and we want their videos to sound as good as possible. This is why we decided to make our entire music library free to use, with nothing in exchange, not even an email address.

We know that creators' time is valuable, and better spent creating videos than filling forms. We believe that music licensing should be easier, faster and safer.

Joystock is more than just background music for videos and podcasts. We're the next step in music licensing:
free royalty free music. Pick the tracks you like and use them for free, it's as simple as that.

Music is our mission

We take immense pride in creating our music ourselves. We're extremely attentive to the stock music market's trends, and we do our best to answer its ever changing needs: our carefully curated catalog is always growing.
Providing high quality music covering genres from electronic to classical takes a lot of expertise, and we're up to the task. Our team is hard working and we're always willing to improve our library. Should you have any suggestion on how we can do better, don't hesitate to contact us.

Finally, we got your back: our music is perfectly safe to use. At Joystock, we own all rights to our tracks so we can provide one of the safest music licensing services on the market.
Your only job is to pick music you like, and make the best videos possible.


We're always happy when someone speaks or writes about Joystock. And we're always available for answering your questions, feel free to contact us

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